Health Link Implantable RFID Microchip Mark Of The Beast

Years ago, spreading rumors about RFID microchips being implanted in humans would be enough to get you branded as a wild “conspiracy theorist”. Those days are long gone. Now the microchipping of humans with RFID chips is so mainstream that television commercials touting the benefits of the technology are being produced. As you watch the super creepy television ad posted below, ask yourself this question: Could this technology one day be used for the Mark of the Beast?

Specifically, the television ad is for an implantable RFID chip known as Health Link. It is about the size of a grain of rice, and it is inserted just under the skin and it enables medical personnel to pull up medical information quickly during an emergency. This technology is especially being touted for elderly people who live alone or for those who suffer from dementia or other mental illnesses.

While those purposes may sound quite noble, the reality is that implantable microchips also have the potential to be radically abused by tyrannical governments who wish to track, trace and control their populations. Many Bible prophecy scholars have speculated that this type of technology may one day be used for the Mark of the Beast.

In any event, if the following recently discovered television commercial showed up on my television I would find it more than a little creepy. What do you think about this video?…..

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