If you want to know if a war is coming, don’t listen to what the politicians are saying.  Instead, keep an eye on where ships, troops and equipment are headed.  Right now, there are quite a few signs that intense military preparations are being made for war in the Middle East.  By April, there will be multiple aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf.  Large numbers of U.S. troops are being massed within striking distance of Iran, and it is being reported that U.S. aircraft are heading to the Middle East in numbers not seen for years.  So does all of this mean that war is coming?  Not necessarily.  Perhaps the Obama administration is just trying to scare Iran into giving up its nuclear program.  Perhaps the Obama administration is just trying to convince Syrian President Bashar Assad that it is time to step down.  But the fact that such intense military preparations are being made right now is certainly very, very interesting.  Usually wars are planned long in advance.  The truth is that military planning does not begin when the politicians stop talking.  In just about every major military conflict in modern times, forces have been moved into position long ahead of time.

So will we see a war in the Middle East in 2012?

Only time will tell.

But things certainly are starting to heat up.

The following are 7 signs that intense military preparations are being made for war in the Middle East….

#1 France is sending a nuclear aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf, and it is expected that the U.S. will have three aircraft carrier groups operating in the Persian Gulf by April.

#2 It is being reported that large numbers of U.S. troops are being positioned on two strategic islands within easy reach of Iran.  The following comes from a recent Debka article….

Debkafile’s military sources report a steady flow of many thousands of US troops for some weeks to two strategic islands within reach of Iran, Oman’s Masirah just south of the Strait of Hormuz and Socotra, between Yemen and the Horn of Africa.

#3 A major amphibious landing exercise known as “Bold Alligator” is currently being conducted along the Virginia and North Carolina coasts.  Eight other nations are also participating in this drill, and many analysts believe that this drill is in preparation for an Iranian operation.  The following comes from a recent Arutz Sheva article….

The Bold Alligator drill includes 20,000 U.S. forces, plus hundreds of British, Dutch and French troops – as well as liaison officers from Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

The drill includes a beach landing and air assault supported by 25 warships, and is intended to  “to revitalize, refine, and strengthen fundamental amphibious capabilities and reinforce the Navy and Marine Corps role as ‘fighters from the sea.’”

U.S. Marines have spent a decade out of their native element in the deserts of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, but with the Pentagon’s restructuring and forward-focus on Asia, the Marines are returning to their roots.

Admiral John Harvey, head of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, described Bold Alligator as “the largest amphibious exercise conducted by the fleet in the last 10 years.”

#4 There have been reports of huge numbers of U.S. aircraft moving into position in the Persian Gulf region.  The following comes from a recent Debka report….

Debkafile’s military sources report that flight after flight of US warplanes and transports were to be seen this week cutting eastward through the skies of Sinai on their way to Gulf destinations, presumably Saudi Arabia, at a frequency not seen in the Middle East for many years.

#5 A helicopter carrier (the USS Ponce) that was supposed to have been decommissioned after duty in Libya is now being upgraded and is scheduled to be able to be available for service in the Persian Gulf by June.

#6 The Saudis appear to be really preparing for something.  Just check out what Debka says has been going on in Saudi Arabia….

Our military sources report that the Saudis this week wound up their own intensive preparations for war. Large forces are now deployed around Saudi oil fields, pipelines and export facilities in the eastern provinces opposite the Persian Gulf, backed by anti-missile Patriot PAC-3 batteries. American, British and French fighter-bombers have been landing at Saudi air bases to safeguard the capital, Riyadh.

#7 Someone has been moving huge numbers of tanks around by train in California.  Just check out this video.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that these military preparations are a sign that we will see a war in the Middle East in 2012?

Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

Is Someone Secretly Bombing Missile Sites And Nuclear Facilities In Iran?

What in the world is happening over in Iran?  All of a sudden we are hearing of a lot of “mysterious explosions” at nuclear facilities and at important missile sites.  Also, in recent months quite a few Iranian nuclear scientists have been mysteriously killed.  Is someone conducting a covert campaign to take out Iran’s nuclear program?  Without a doubt, open warfare with Iran would have very serious consequences and could even end up sparking World War III.  If war can be avoided, that would seem to be preferable.  So is someone secretly bombing key installations in Iran in attempt to delay or even derail their nuclear program?  Unfortunately we will not get answers to those questions any time soon, but it does appear that something really strange is going on.

One of the most recent incidents happened near the Iranian city of Malard.  A photo has been released that clearly shows that a key Iranian missile base near Malard has been essentially destroyed.

This was detailed in a recent article in the Washington Post….

Two weeks after a mysterious explosion at an Iranian missile base, a Washington-based research group has released a satellite image showing extensive damage to the site.

The image of the compound, near the city of Malard, doesn’t provide any clues as to what caused the Nov. 12 explosion, which Iranian authorities described as an “accident” involving the transport of ammunition. But it does make clear that the facility has been effectively destroyed.

Could an “ammunition accident” really cause the kind of extensive damage shown in the photo?

That seems very, very far-fetched.

Just recently, another strange explosion happened somewhere around the Iranian city of Isfahan.  It turns out that a key Iranian nuclear facility is located in Isfahan.  The following description of this incident comes from an article in Haaretz….

An explosion rocked the western Iranian city of Isfahan on Monday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, adding that the blast was heard in several parts of the city.

According to reports, frightened residents called the fire department after the blast, forcing the city authorities to admit there had been an explosion. Residents reported that their windows shook from the explosion’s force.

Authorities in Iran are blaming that blast on a “military drill”.

You never know, the authorities in Iran might be telling the truth.

But lately there has been a pattern developing in Iran that has become very hard to deny.

Over the past few years, quite a few Iranian nuclear scientists have been mysteriously killed.

The following comes from an ABC News article entitled “Who Is Killing Iran’s Nuclear Scientists?“….

Regardless of who is killing Iran’s nuclear scientists — the Israelis, the Americans or the Iranians themselves — there’s no question that researchers and officials linked to Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program keep turning up dead.

Since 2007, four different scientists allegedly associated with the nation’s nuclear weapons program have died via bomb, gunshot or poisoning, while a fifth barely survived a car bombing.

The most recent victim, 35-year-old Darioush Rezaeinejad, was shot in the neck outside his daughter’s Tehran kindergarten on Saturday by two gunmen on a motorcycle. According to an unconfirmed report in an Israeli intelligence publication, Rezaeinejad was working on a nuclear detonator, and was seen daily at a nuclear lab in northern Tehran.

If you believe that all of the events detailed above are just “bizarre coincidences”, then you are being quite naive.

Someone is taking aggressive action inside Iran, but it might not be enough to avert a war.

The truth is that tensions between Iran and western powers are rapidly escalating.  On Tuesday, Iranian students stormed two British Embassy compounds in Tehran.  The following description of this event comes from a Reuters article….

Iranian protesters stormed two British Embassy compounds in Tehran Tuesday, smashing windows, hurling petrol bombs and burning the British flag during a rally to protest against sanctions imposed by Britain, live Iranian television showed.

The attacks followed the rapid approval by Iran’s Guardian Council of a parliamentary bill compelling the government to expel the British ambassador in retaliation for the sanctions, and warnings from a lawmaker that angry Iranians could storm the British embassy as they did to the U.S. mission in 1979.

Does this remind you of anything?

The truth is that this is chillingly similar to what happened to the U.S. Embassy back in 1979.

A video news report about the storming of the British Embassy is posted below….

Needless to say, the British government is quite alarmed about all of this.  UK Foreign Secretary William Hague is promising that there will be “serious consequences” stemming from this incident.  The following is a short excerpt from a recent article in the Guardian….

Hundreds of protesters surged onto two compounds this afternoon, putting the safety of staff at risk and causing “extensive damage” to property, the foreign secretary said.

“Clearly there will be other, further, and serious consequences. I will make a statement updating parliament on this tomorrow [Wednesday].”

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but what seems very clear is that the region is closer to war than it has been in a long time.

On Sunday, Iranian Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi promised that Iran would launch 150,000 missiles at Israel if a military attack on Iran happens.

As tensions have risen over the past few years, Iran has armed itself to the teeth.

Any military conflict with Iran would not be pretty.

But peace will not last forever.  Israel simply will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear program and Iran is absolutely determined to proceed with developing one.

And as I have written about previously, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually believes that a war with Israel is necessary before the Mahdi will return.

We live in very unusual times.

As we get even deeper into the times that the Bible refers to as “the last days”, it is inevitable that there will be more war in the Middle East.

In the years ahead, there will be some incredibly bloody conflicts and the loss of life will be staggering.

Let us pray for peace, and let us pray that as many people as possible can be exposed to the gospel while there is still time.

At a time when the U.S. economy is dying and the U.S. national debt is exploding at an unprecedented rate, Barack Obama has announced a brand new 400 million dollar “aid package” for the Palestinians.  Considering the fact that some cities American cities such as Detroit are such an economic mess that they literally look like war zones, and considering the fact that the U.S. government is literally drowning in debt, it seems inconceivable that Barack Obama would even consider sending 400 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to terrorists that have sworn to destroy Israel.  But that is exactly what Barack Obama plans to do.   

A White House statement said that the new 400 million dollar gift is “a down payment on the United States’ commitment to Palestinians in Gaza, who deserve a better life and expanded opportunities, and the chance to take part in building a viable, independent state of Palestine, together with those who live in the West Bank”.

And do you know who runs Gaza?


The same Hamas that is obsessively committed to wiping Israel off the face of the earth.

That is who we are sending 400 million dollars to.

It is utter insanity, but God warned us that things were going to get really strange in the last days.

But the reality is that the U.S. should not be sending 400 million dollars to anyone.

The truth is that the United States is flat broke.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, on June 1st the U.S. National Debt was $13,050,826,460,886.97.

In case you aren’t used to reading such large numbers, that is over 13 trillion dollars.

In fact, according to a recent U.S. Treasury Department report to Congress, the U.S. national debt will top $13.6 trillion this year and climb to an estimated $19.6 trillion by 2015.

19 trillion dollars in debt by 2015?

Do you have any idea how much money that is?

If you were alive 2000 years ago and you started spending one million dollars every single day when Jesus was born, you still would not have spent one trillion dollars by now.

And yet somehow the U.S. government has gotten all of us 13 trillion dollars in debt.

As bad as the debt already is, it is rapidly getting even worse.

Based on data from the International Monetary Fund, it is now being projected that the national debt will exceed the gross domestic product of the United States in 2012.

We have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and yet the U.S. government continues to spend our money as if there is an endless supply of it.

But it is not just U.S. government debt that is the problem.

In fact, the total of all government, corporate and consumer debt in the United States is now equal to 360 percent of GDP.  That is a far greater level than the U.S. ever approached during the Great Depression.

Are you starting to get the picture?

The United States is a complete and total economic disaster.  A financial collapse is only a matter of time.

But you can help out.

Okay, try not to laugh.

The U.S. government is now actually taking online donations that will go towards paying off the national debt.

So are you feeling generous today?

Perhaps the U.S. government will send your donation to the Palestinians as well.

The truth is that any nation that comes against Israel is not going to be blessed.  Hamas has never renounced their goal of wiping Israel off the map, and yet the United States is giving them hundreds of millions of dollars.  We are cursing ourselves by giving them this money.

What we should be doing is taking care of our own.  Already, 40 million Americans are on food stamps.  1 in 5 U.S. children now live in poverty.  The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams.

But Barack Obama feels it is much more important to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the sworn enemies of Israel. 

We all knew that things like this were going to happen in the last days, but to see what the United States is becoming is incredibly sad.

As the Obama administration continues to stumble about as if they have absolutely no idea how to conduct foreign policy, Russia and China are busy running around making deals and treaties with the rest of the world.  The United States is becoming increasingly isolated as nations around the world seem more eager than ever to reach out and deal with other major powers rather than with America.  Most serious students of Bible prophecy realize that the U.S. will experience a rapid decline in the last days, but there are times when watching it happen seems almost surreal.  Russia and China are rising.  They are quickly making friends and the influence of both superpowers is dramatically expanding.  Meanwhile, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the other dunces in charge of U.S. foreign policy insist on pushing friends like Israel around while showing no ability to make friends or protect U.S. interests around the globe whatsoever.

The sad thing is that the United States is heading for a very serious confrontation with Russia and China, and the Obama administration (along with the vast majority of the American people) has absolutely no idea what is coming.

Geopolitics is not checkers. 

It is chess.

And right now, Russia and China are wiping the floor with the United States.

Just consider a few of the recent deals that Russia and China have been busy making….

*Russia has signed major arms deals with Syria under which it will sell it warplanes, anti-tank weapons and air defense systems.

*After Russian President Medvedev’s historic visit in Damascus, Russia’s energy minister says that his country is “studying the question” of building a nuclear power plant in Syria.

*The U.S. government says that it is carefully reviewing a Chinese decision to build two nuclear power plants in Pakistan.

*Nigeria and China have signed a tentative deal to build three oil refineries in the West African state at a cost of 23 billion dollars.

*Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says that Russia and Turkey are becoming key strategic partners.

*According to a new report, China, Iran and North Korea have established a strategic alliance that focuses on missile and nuclear technology development.

*The Russian government has agreed to a raft of new accords with the new government in Ukraine.

*South Africa’s second-biggest lender, has completed its first transactions in Africa with China Construction Bank Corporation after the two agreed to cooperate last July.

*Russia had been busy selling high tech weapons to Iran.  Gary Samore, the White House coordinator for arms control, weapons of mass destruction proliferation and terrorism, says that he would be surprised if Moscow shipped the S-300 anti-aircraft system that Iran has ordered.  But that just shows how clueless the Obama administration actually is.

*A China-led consortium has sealed a deal with the Iraqi government to develop a prized cluster of three oil fields in the country’s south, bringing China closer to becoming the dominant foreign player in Iraq’s recovering oil sector.

Now wait a second.

I thought it was the U.S. and the U.K. that liberated Iraq.

So the Iraqi people are so grateful that they are letting China come in and be the dominant player in the Iraqi oil industry?

What in the world?

We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to keep Iraq secure so that China can swoop in and get all the oil?

Does anyone else see something wrong here?

U.S. foreign policy is a mess.

The Obama administration is beyond clueless, and Russia and China are rapidly getting their chess pieces into position.

In a few years when things with Russia and China take an ugly turn and the U.S. is facing a major crisis with them, remember where you heard it first.

The United States should not be taking their eyes off of Russia and China.

But as long as we have complete incompetents running U.S. foreign policy things are going to continue to deteriorate.  Russia and China are more powerful than they ever have been before, and they aren’t going anywhere.  It is a whole new ballgame, and the U.S. is losing.

Let us pray for our leaders, because they sure need it.