It seems with each passing week, the European Union bureaucracy gets even more power.  Now, the European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new tax on financial transactions which will be paid directly to Brussels.  Of course this new tax could still be vetoed by one or more of the national governments in the EU, but this is still a stunning development.

Taxes directly levied by EU headquarters?

The European Union is very quickly becoming “The United States Of Europe”.

As we reported previously, the brand new “President of Europe”, Herman Van Rompuy, has been pushing the notion of a “Euro tax” that will go directly to the European Union.  Needless to say, he must be delighted by this move by the European Parliament.

As students of Bible prophecy, we understand that all of this centralization of power will one day culminate in a world government.  So we are likely to see even more moves towards shifting power to regional “unions” and world governmental bodies as time moves along. 

But as exciting as it is to see Bible prophecy being fulfilled, we must always realize that one day the Antichrist will use the power of world government to ruthlessly persecute those who do not serve him.

Let us get the gospel out to as many people as we can now, because time is short and it will only get more difficult to spread the good news in the times ahead.

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