God is doing amazing things in these last days!  The Scriptures tell us that the gospel of Yahshua (Jesus) will literally be preached to the ends of the earth, and that is happening right in front of our eyes.  Some time ago, the Lord laid a tremendous burden for the African pygmies on Dr. Bree Keyton’s heart while she was in prayer.  She did some research and she discovered that the indigenous pygmies of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are literally being eaten out of existence.  Yes, it is actually happening.  Anti-government rebel forces that hide in the jungle, particularly the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, consider the pygmies to be animals and they hunt them for food.  In fact, they have been using them for food so much that the pygmies are threatened with extinction.

Unfortunately, cannibalism is alive and well in 2010.

The Lord God has always had a heart for “the least of these”, and in Africa, the pygmies are really treated as the lowest of the low.

The truth is that the pygmies are hated by even their fellow Africans throughout much of Africa. Many Africans actually consider the pygmies to be directly related to monkeys, and most of the time the pygmies are treated little better than animals.  In fact, in some areas of Africa, pygmies are actually openly owned as slaves.

In Congo, the pygmies are caught in the middle of a brutal civil war, and they are being systematically wiped out.  Both sides in the conflict consider the pygmies to be subhuman and as noted above, the anti-government rebels regularly eat them.

Other Africans actually believe that the flesh of the pygmies can confer magical powers, and so sometimes pygmies are being killed for that reason as well.

So needless to say, something urgent needs to be done to save these precious pygmies.

That is where Dr. Bree Keyton comes in.

Bree Keyton is an on-fire Christian evangelist who is waging a one woman crusade to rescue these pygmies.

She has already made a couple of trips into the areas where the pygmies live and she has been able to rescue some of the pygmy tribes and bring them to a location where they will be safe.  It is incredibly dangerous work, but God has kept her and her team safe.

The truth is that God loves the pygmies as much as he loves anyone else.  Dr. Bree Keyton is doing  wonderful thing.  More pygmy tribes have learned about what Bree Keyton is doing and now they want to be saved as well.

To learn how you can get involved in this outreach, please visit Dr. Bree Keyton’s official website:


The most wonderful thing in all of this is that as a result of Dr. Bree Keyton’s rescue missions, entire tribes of pygmies are receiving Yahshua (Jesus) as Savior and Lord.  These are now our brothers and sisters in Christ and we will see them in heaven someday. 

For more on Dr. Bree Keyton’s outreach to the pygmies, check out the video posted below…. 

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