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Right away it is important to warn you that the premise of this article is highly controversial.  Throughout history, God has always dealt very harshly with anyone who has turned their backs on Israel.  In fact, as we will document below, God has dealt very harshly with the United States on a number of occasions when the U.S. has been involved in the dividing of the land of Israel.  God gave the promised land to the people of Israel forever, and nobody has the right to give one inch of that land away.  But the Scriptures tell us that in the last days that is exactly what is going to happen.  The truth is that world leaders never learn.  They are still messing with the land of Israel just like they always have throughout history.  However, those nations who do mess with Israel have often found themselves cursed.  So is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill a curse that has been brought upon us because Barack Obama is trying to divide the land of Israel?

The truth is that we don’t have a definitive answer for that question.  Only God can tell us exactly why something happens.  But below we will detail the evidence for why these two things may be connected.

Barack Obama And The Division Of The Land Of Israel

Barack Obama has rapidly become the most anti-Israel president in U.S. history.  In fact, it was reported in the international media on April 30th that Barack Obama had already decided that if Israel and the Palestinians have not agreed to a peace agreement by the end of the year, the Middle East peace process will be handed over to the international community and a final solution will be imposed on both parties.

In fact, Haaretz reported on April 30th that Barack Obama had already conferred with “several European leaders” at that point and that it had been decided that the “international peace conference” would be run by the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers – the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia – and the goal would be to forge a united global front for creating a Palestinian state.

So if this was being reported on April 30th, and Barack Obama had already spent a good amount of time talking with European leaders about this plan prior to that date, then it seems quite likely that Obama had started implementing this new Middle East strategy at least a week or two earlier.

Coincidentally, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded on April 20th, 2010.

Before you convince yourself that the two events are unrelated, keep reading the rest of the article.

The truth is that God does not like it when anyone tries to take the land of Israel and give to to someone else.

And that is exactly what Barack Obama’s plan would do.

If Obama’s plan is implemented, the international community will almost certainly come up with the “final solution” that the UN, the EU and Barack Obama have been seeking all along – a Palestinian state along pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

So now the Palestinians have absolutely no incentive to negotiate with Israel at all.

The reality is that the Palestinians can just sit back, allow the negotiations to fail, and still get a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem just like they always wanted anyway.

The truth is that Obama’s grand scheme undermines the entire peace process as one Israeli official recently explained….

“If you enforce a time limit and then introduce an imposed solution if they don’t succeed after a period, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: you’re going to guarantee the talks won’t succeed.”

Not that Israel should be considering giving away one single inch of the promised land anyway.

But now the Palestinians will just sit back and wait for the international community to give them the state that they have been promised along with a capital in East Jerusalem.

The sad truth is that Barack Obama has been promising them a Palestinian state for a long time. According to WorldNetDaily, Barack Obama told the Palestinian leadership all the way back in 2008 that he supports a Palestinian state with a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

So why in the world would the Palestinians be willing to accept anything less from Israel?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama and his administration are bringing a curse on to the United States of America.

Examples Of Horrific Disasters That Have Occurred At Times The U.S. Has Been Involved In Dividing Up The Land Of Israel

In a previous article, we detailed what has happened before when the U.S. government has tried to divide the land of Israel….


In the Scriptures, we are warned that the city of Jerusalem would one day become a huge stumbling stone for the nations in Zechariah 12:3…..

“On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves.”

Is that not what has happened?

The truth is that God gave that land to Israel long ago, and now that He has started to bring His people back to the land, anyone who tries to give it away is going to be under a curse.

So is there any evidence of a curse on those who try to divide the land of Israel today?


Consider these examples…..

#1) On April 30, 2003, America was positioned to be the catalyst for the so-called “solution” to the Middle East crisis. As Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas was sworn in, the “Road Map” peace plan was set in motion.

The very next day began the worst month of tornadoes in United States history – more than 500 in a single month. Under normal conditions, 1,000 tornadoes hit the United States each year, but in just eight days that May, 375 twisters ripped across the heartland of America.

#2) May 9, 2003, President Bush addressed students at the University of South Carolina. Bush called on the Palestinians to embrace the roadmap to peace, and Bush expressed his desire to see the flag of Palestine raised over a free nation.

Hours later, tornadoes returned and Oklahoma City again became the target for deadly twisters, reducing many businesses and homes to splinters and bricks. The tornadoes of May devastated the Midwest with the third worst property damage in American history.

#3) On October 30, 1991, in a meeting scheduled by George H.W. Bush, Israelis and Palestinians discussed ways to achieve peace in the Middle East. Opening talks focused on trading parts of Israel for a peace agreement.

That same day, thousands of miles away, a powerful storm was brewing off of the coast of Nova Scotia. On October 31st, what would be known as “The Perfect Storm” smashed into New England, pummeling the President’s Kennebunkport, Maine home with waves 30 feet high. It was a storm so rare that the weather patterns required to create it only happen about once every 100 years.

#4) On August 23rd, 1992, Middle East peace talks resumed in Washington, D.C. with hope that there would be a great breakthrough. These talks focused on surrendering the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria in exchange for peace. Hundreds of miles south of there at the same time, Florida was the target for one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. Hurricane Andrew ripped through the state with an eye more than 30 miles wide and winds up to 178 miles per hour leaving behind a 32 billion dollar disaster.

#5) Between August 16th and 30th, 2005, Ariel Sharon expelled 9,480 Jewish settlers from 21 settlements in Gaza and four settlements in the northern West Bank.

On January 4th, 2006, Sharon had a stroke, and he fell into a coma and is now in a persistent vegetative state.

#6) The U.S. had strongly pressured Sharon to evacuate those settlers from Gaza.

On August 29th, 2005 the storm that would become Hurricane Katrina formed, and it devastated New Orleans and the surrounding areas to such an extent that they still have not recovered. That devastating storm caused at least 200 billion dollars in damage.

#7) In June of 2001, George W. Bush sent CIA director George Tenet to Israel in an attempt to implement the Mitchell Plan. The Mitchell plan called for, among other things, the cessation of new building in the Jewish settlements.

On the same day that Tenet met with Israeli and Palestinian officials, tropical storm Allison formed in the Gulf of Mexico and moved over Texas, the President’s home state, and dropped over 28 inches of rain over the Houston area alone, causing over $4 billion dollars in damage. The storm then moved to Florida and up the east coast causing damage as far as Pennsylvania. The meteorologists called Allison the “worst tropical storm in history”.

There are many more examples of this phenomenon here:


In the book of Joel, God warns specifically against dividing the land of Israel.

Joel 3:1-2 states, “…I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of my people and my inheritance, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up my land.”

You just cannot go against the Word of God and win.

So is the Gulf of Mexico oil spill a curse on the United States for trying to divide up the land of Israel?

Or could it just be a coincidence?

Could all of the examples cited above just be a string of coincidences?

You make the call.


A YouTube video has been posted by Carl Gallups of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida that examines this same idea.  A copy of the video is posted below.  In the video, Gallups points to April 19th as being the key date, which is very interesting.  

“April the 19th, Israel celebrates its independence in 2010,” Gallups explains in the video. “On April the 19th, Fox News reports that the U.S. will no longer automatically support Israel in the United Nations. The next day, on April the 20th, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explodes. Coincidence? Or the hand and judgment of God?”

So is this even more evidence that our treatment of Israel is linked to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico?  Watch the video for yourself and decide….

God is doing amazing things in these last days!  The Scriptures tell us that the gospel of Yahshua (Jesus) will literally be preached to the ends of the earth, and that is happening right in front of our eyes.  Some time ago, the Lord laid a tremendous burden for the African pygmies on Dr. Bree Keyton’s heart while she was in prayer.  She did some research and she discovered that the indigenous pygmies of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are literally being eaten out of existence.  Yes, it is actually happening.  Anti-government rebel forces that hide in the jungle, particularly the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, consider the pygmies to be animals and they hunt them for food.  In fact, they have been using them for food so much that the pygmies are threatened with extinction.

Unfortunately, cannibalism is alive and well in 2010.

The Lord God has always had a heart for “the least of these”, and in Africa, the pygmies are really treated as the lowest of the low.

The truth is that the pygmies are hated by even their fellow Africans throughout much of Africa. Many Africans actually consider the pygmies to be directly related to monkeys, and most of the time the pygmies are treated little better than animals.  In fact, in some areas of Africa, pygmies are actually openly owned as slaves.

In Congo, the pygmies are caught in the middle of a brutal civil war, and they are being systematically wiped out.  Both sides in the conflict consider the pygmies to be subhuman and as noted above, the anti-government rebels regularly eat them.

Other Africans actually believe that the flesh of the pygmies can confer magical powers, and so sometimes pygmies are being killed for that reason as well.

So needless to say, something urgent needs to be done to save these precious pygmies.

That is where Dr. Bree Keyton comes in.

Bree Keyton is an on-fire Christian evangelist who is waging a one woman crusade to rescue these pygmies.

She has already made a couple of trips into the areas where the pygmies live and she has been able to rescue some of the pygmy tribes and bring them to a location where they will be safe.  It is incredibly dangerous work, but God has kept her and her team safe.

The truth is that God loves the pygmies as much as he loves anyone else.  Dr. Bree Keyton is doing  wonderful thing.  More pygmy tribes have learned about what Bree Keyton is doing and now they want to be saved as well.

To learn how you can get involved in this outreach, please visit Dr. Bree Keyton’s official website:

The most wonderful thing in all of this is that as a result of Dr. Bree Keyton’s rescue missions, entire tribes of pygmies are receiving Yahshua (Jesus) as Savior and Lord.  These are now our brothers and sisters in Christ and we will see them in heaven someday. 

For more on Dr. Bree Keyton’s outreach to the pygmies, check out the video posted below…. 

At a time when the U.S. economy is dying and the U.S. national debt is exploding at an unprecedented rate, Barack Obama has announced a brand new 400 million dollar “aid package” for the Palestinians.  Considering the fact that some cities American cities such as Detroit are such an economic mess that they literally look like war zones, and considering the fact that the U.S. government is literally drowning in debt, it seems inconceivable that Barack Obama would even consider sending 400 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to terrorists that have sworn to destroy Israel.  But that is exactly what Barack Obama plans to do.   

A White House statement said that the new 400 million dollar gift is “a down payment on the United States’ commitment to Palestinians in Gaza, who deserve a better life and expanded opportunities, and the chance to take part in building a viable, independent state of Palestine, together with those who live in the West Bank”.

And do you know who runs Gaza?


The same Hamas that is obsessively committed to wiping Israel off the face of the earth.

That is who we are sending 400 million dollars to.

It is utter insanity, but God warned us that things were going to get really strange in the last days.

But the reality is that the U.S. should not be sending 400 million dollars to anyone.

The truth is that the United States is flat broke.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, on June 1st the U.S. National Debt was $13,050,826,460,886.97.

In case you aren’t used to reading such large numbers, that is over 13 trillion dollars.

In fact, according to a recent U.S. Treasury Department report to Congress, the U.S. national debt will top $13.6 trillion this year and climb to an estimated $19.6 trillion by 2015.

19 trillion dollars in debt by 2015?

Do you have any idea how much money that is?

If you were alive 2000 years ago and you started spending one million dollars every single day when Jesus was born, you still would not have spent one trillion dollars by now.

And yet somehow the U.S. government has gotten all of us 13 trillion dollars in debt.

As bad as the debt already is, it is rapidly getting even worse.

Based on data from the International Monetary Fund, it is now being projected that the national debt will exceed the gross domestic product of the United States in 2012.

We have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and yet the U.S. government continues to spend our money as if there is an endless supply of it.

But it is not just U.S. government debt that is the problem.

In fact, the total of all government, corporate and consumer debt in the United States is now equal to 360 percent of GDP.  That is a far greater level than the U.S. ever approached during the Great Depression.

Are you starting to get the picture?

The United States is a complete and total economic disaster.  A financial collapse is only a matter of time.

But you can help out.

Okay, try not to laugh.

The U.S. government is now actually taking online donations that will go towards paying off the national debt.

So are you feeling generous today?

Perhaps the U.S. government will send your donation to the Palestinians as well.

The truth is that any nation that comes against Israel is not going to be blessed.  Hamas has never renounced their goal of wiping Israel off the map, and yet the United States is giving them hundreds of millions of dollars.  We are cursing ourselves by giving them this money.

What we should be doing is taking care of our own.  Already, 40 million Americans are on food stamps.  1 in 5 U.S. children now live in poverty.  The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams.

But Barack Obama feels it is much more important to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the sworn enemies of Israel. 

We all knew that things like this were going to happen in the last days, but to see what the United States is becoming is incredibly sad.

A Lack Of Respect For Life In The Last Days

The Scriptures tell us that “the love of most will grow cold” in the last days and that wickedness will greatly increase.  But still, the complete lack of respect for life around the world that we are now witnessing is absolutely stunning.  An increasing number of governments around the globe seem to have no problem killing “unwanted” babies and killing elderly people once their “usefulness” has ended.  The truth is that the world is becoming a cold, cruel place where human life is not valued. 

Most Americans know that China only allows couples to have one child, but what most Americans do not know is that China conducts a ton of forced abortions to make sure that extra children are not brought into the world.

How many forced abortions? 

The truth is that every 2.4 seconds, a woman in China undergoes a forced abortion because of the one child policy.

The following is a brief excerpt from a recent newspaper article about this horrific policy….

“Over 400 million children are not living in China because of the one-child policy,” said Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Borders. “That’s more than the population of the United States.”

Can you imagine?

400 million dead babies?

Not that the 40 million plus babies that the U.S. has killed since 1973 is small potatoes either.

The truth is that there are real, legitimate reasons why the wrath of God is coming to this world.

But not only are we killing tens of millions of babies, the reality is that governments all over the world have become increasingly comfortable with killing off old people.

“Non-voluntary” euthanasia is becoming increasingly common in European nations such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

So exactly what is “non-voluntary” euthanasia?

It is killing an old person off without their permission.

Once upon a time that would have been unthinkable.

But that is the direction that the world is moving in.

And that is the direction that the United States is moving in as well.

A newly produced document from the Clinton archives has revealed that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan defended ex-President Bill Clinton’s veto of a bill to ban partial-birth abortions.

If Elena Kagan is confirmed, the truth is that she might just be the most radical anti-life justice that has ever been on the Supreme Court. 

The reality is that Kagan would move the Supreme Court radically to the left, and that would have huge implications for issues such as abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage.

Not that anything is going to stop America’s slide into the moral toilet anyway.

But for those in a position to do so, please speak out against Elena Kagan.  She would be a total disaster for the pro-life movement if she is confirmed.

What is with all of the giant pagan idols that are suddenly popping up all over the United States?  The latest example of this is a seven ton, 26 foot tall concrete sculpture of an Egyptian god that is being installed at Denver International Airport.  The giant statue being constructed at the south end of the DIA terminal is of Anubis – the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife.  So why is this being done?  Well, it is apparently being put there to advertise the Denver Art Museum’s King Tut exhibit that is about to open up.  That exhibit will go from June 29th through January 9th, 2011.  The plan is for “Anubis” to remain in place at Denver International Airport the entire duration of the exhibit. 

But this is not just an isolated incident.  Suddenly it has become “trendy” to set up giant statues of pagan gods.  We recently reported on a 26 foot tall Buddha weighing almost fifteen tons that has been installed across the street from the city hall of San Francisco and that will remain there through 2011.

Most people would say that these statues are just “art” and that they are perfectly harmless.

In fact, most Christians would insist that there is nothing wrong with these statues.

But what does God think about all of this?

The truth is that idolatry is loudly denounced by God throughout the Scriptures.  In fact, according to the Bible, it does not matter what “significance” one places on an idol.  What matters is that God wants no idols to ever be set up.

In fact, we are told in Revelation 9:20 that there will still be widespread idolatry in the last days….

The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk.

We just can’t resist setting up idols, can we?

After all of God’s warnings we just have got to tempt fate.

So now the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Denver International Airport will have one more thing to creep them out.

The weirdest airport in America just got a little weirder.