Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

Will you be forced to take the swine flu vaccine if you live in the United States?  Well, the truth is that the answer depends on who you are and where you live.  So far, Barack Obama is promising that the swine flu vaccine will not be mandatory for all Americans.  However, it has now been revealed that the swine flu vaccine WILL be mandatory for all active duty U.S. military personnel and for all health care workers in the state of New York, among others. 

Perhaps none of us should have been surprised when the Department of Defense announced that all active duty U.S. military personnel will be required to take the swine flu vaccine.  After all, the Pentagon regularly makes U.S. military personnel take a large variety of vaccines – even experimental ones.  However, to hear that they will be forced to take this new untested swine flu vaccine was very disappointing for many members of the American military.

According to the DoD’s press release, the mandatory vaccination program for the swine flu will begin about early October, and swine flu shots will also be made available to all military family members who desire to take it.

But the good news is that the swine flu vaccine will not be made mandatory for the family members of military personnel. 

The swine flu vaccine will also be mandatory for ALL health care workers in the state of New York.  In fact, a new regulation now requires that any person who works in a hospital or a health care facility in the state of New York MUST get a swine flu shot or they will be fired.

According to New York state health department spokeswoman Claire Pospisil, this troubling new regulation, which officially took effect back on August 13th, will require all New York hospitals and health care facilities to provide proof that all of their workers have been vaccinated for the swine flu. Penalties for health care institutions that violate this new regulation include fines of up to two thousand dollars for the first offense and up to five thousand dollars for subsequent offenses.

Other local governments, hospitals, universities and schools around the nation are considering similar regulations.

So will you be forced to take the swine flu vaccine?

It is going to depend on where you live and who you work for.

Already there are millions of Americans for which the swine flu vaccine is now mandatory.

At least for now, however, most Americans still have a choice.

Unfortunately, it appears that in France the citizens are not going to have such a luxury.

A recently revealed internal French government document has uncovered the intention of the French government to vaccinate each and every resident of that nation for the swine flu without exception. The type of vaccination program detailed in this stunning document more closely resembles a military campaign than a public health program.

If you can read and understand French you may be very interested in looking over the original document…..

But it is not just citizens of France that need to be concerned.  The reality is that disturbing laws are being proposed and passed in legislatures across the United States.

For example, in Massachusetts, Senate bill 2028 (the “Pandemic Response Bill”) would impose fines of up to $1000 a day and up to thirty days in jail for refusing to submit to health authorities during a public health emergency.

This horrific bill has actually passed the state senate in Massachusetts and now it is before the house. The good news is that as news of this bill has gotten out opposition to it has grown dramatically.  Hopefully this bill will be stopped before it can officially become law.

But the reality is that as more people around the U.S. catch the swine flu, the temptation for schools, employers and state and local governments to overreact will intensify.  It is likely that we will see more regulations and more laws that seek to compel people to take the swine flu vaccine.

How soon we forget 1976, when only one person officially died from the swine flu, but thousands either died or were permanently disabled from the swine flu vaccine.  In fact, the swine flu vaccine at that time was so horrible that they had to pull it back.

So who says that this current swine flu vaccine is any better?  There are new articles on the Internet every week about the adverse side effects that people are experiencing from various vaccines around the world.  How do we know that this one is going to be safe?

The truth is that we are moving into a time when there will be increasing pressure to take the swine flu vaccine – whether or not it has been tested and whether or not it is actually safe.  Let us hope that this whole episode does not turn into an unmitigated public health disaster.

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