Stock Market Crash - Public Domain

(From Z3 News) On 7/7/14 I had a prophetic dream in which I saw a sudden economic collapse coming upon the whole world. In this dream I was in a big banquet hall, which was filled with representatives from different countries. Each country had a long wooden table where their representatives were seated.

Then I saw the table for the United States. There were about six or eight representatives seated on one side of the table, but I could not see any of the representatives seated across from them on the other side. Then all of the U.S. representatives that I could see stood up at the same time. This caused a great commotion throughout the whole hall as the representatives from other nations began shouting at the U.S. table and at each other. There was a lot of confusion and yelling throughout the hall. The other countries were demanding that the U.S. representatives sit back down but their demands were ignored and the U.S. delegates kept standing.

Then suddenly the people who were hidden from my view on the other side of the U.S. table shoved the table very hard causing it to crash into the ones who were standing. All of them were knocked down to the ground and the table landed on top of them. I saw them laying flat on their backs with the edge of the table laying on top of them. They were unable to get up and could not get the table off of them. They were powerless and helpless and unable to move. Nobody came to help them. They just remained pinned under the weight of the table.

Immediately after that happened I looked across the banquet hall and saw total pandemonium with everyone yelling loudly with far more commotion than before. Across the other side of the room I saw all of the representatives from China stand up and yell at the United States saying, “This is outrageous! We will declare war!” Then all of the Chinese representatives turned away from their table and angrily stomped out of the hall.

Then the scene changed and I saw a particular inverse Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) shooting straight up extremely fast. I saw it skyrocket so fast and so suddenly that anyone who did not already own shares when the collapse happened was not able to get in on it. It was too late at that point to do anything about it.

Then I saw my wife and I discussing what had just happened. In the dream we did not own any shares of this inverse ETF, which made me feel very frustrated and angry because I had wanted to own some, but had not bought any. While we were discussing this there was a young black man standing beside us in our house. He never said anything, but just kept looking down or to the side and swaying back and forth. He was wearing very unique looking glasses that had thick, rectangular frames. I did not know who he was and had never seen him before. Then I tried to call my stock brokerage company to see what we could do, but their phone lines were busy. There was great chaos and confusion in the markets. It was too late to capitalize on the collapse.

This dream was so vivid and so intense that it woke me up.

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